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If you are like many homeowners in the greater Baton Rouge, Louisiana, area, then chances are, you only spend time in your yards when the sun is out. However, why should you have to wait until daytime to spend your leisure time outside?

Baton Rouge Landscaping can help turn your outdoor areas into full-fledged exterior living spaces with just the flip of a switch. With professional landscape lighting services, we can install any type of lighting that you need to put your plants into the spotlight. Whether you are looking to create an outdoor living space or you want to highlight key plants, we can make your yard shine day or night.

When homeowners decide to add lights to their yard, they either purchase poor quality cheap lighting from hardware stores, or they hire an expensive electrician. Both of these methods leave a lot to be desired, and the higher costs are what deters more homeowners from finding the lighting that they need. 

Instead of wasting money on poor quality lighting, you could have our expert landscape service providers make the most of any plant bed, yard, garden, or other outdoor area. From lighting that helps guide you through your plants or simply light choices that are solar powered, we can install them all quickly and at affordable pricing.

How many times have you felt scared being in your yard at night, all because the leaves are rustling and your imagination begins running wild? By illuminating your flower beds, plants, trees, and even your grass, you can reduce the chance of it being unwanted animal guests. You can even combine our lighting services with our landscape design and hardscape offerings to create your own private gardens!


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Outdoor Lighting

Other homeowners believe that there are only one or two styles of landscape lighting to choose from. However, you would be amazed at just how many different lighting systems there are! No matter what styles, themes, colors, or even strength of lighting that you are looking for, we know that we have the ideal solution for your home.

Landscape lighting does not just look great. If you have a home with a particularly dark front yard, professional landscape lighting can help keep you and your family safe. With simple pathway lights that make it easier to walk from the car to the front door, to ensure that your yard is illuminated enough to keep trespassers away, exterior lighting is one of the easiest ways to add more protection to your home.

Best of all, adding lighting features does not have to increase your monthly electricity costs. Many landscape lights are powered by the sun and only come on at night, while other lights are offered in high-efficiency modes. Just about any lighting system can be tied to a timer, only coming on for specified periods of time.

When you need the best landscape lighting around, you need us to provide safe, affordable, and effective fixtures for your yard. Save more on better landscape lighting.  Call us today 225.424.1002.

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