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Commercial and Residential Landscaping Service


Landscaping is not just for making homes look beautiful longer. Commercial landscaping is one of the most effective ways to keep customers coming in, as well as keeping employees happy. No one wants to pull up to work seeing how overgrown it looks, and customers are easily persuaded to go somewhere else.

When you need a landscaping service that takes your business as seriously as you do, Baton Rouge Landscaping is the best choice each time. We offer more landscaping options and competitive pricing, making us among the top Baton Rouge, Louisiana, commercial landscaping services around.

Whatever your business needs to look professionally manicured for longer, we have the effective solutions for you. Call us today to schedule your best commercial landscaping services, including:

  • Commercial Weed Control
  • Trimming
  • Pruning
  • Grass Installation
  • Grass Cutting
  • Hardscaping
  • Plant Bed Lighting
  • Edging Services
  • Green Debris Removal
  • Storm Debris Cleaning

And everything else that your local company needs.


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When you are busy running your own business, you simply do not have time to waste on mowing grass and trimming plants. You have enough to worry about, so why not let your local landscaping experts help you? Before you know it, you could spend days trying to tame your commercial green spaces yourself, and without the right mix of tools and equipment, it may not look clean for long.
Instead, we offer regular landscaping service that will continue to leave your business looking great. When other services charge more and offer to do less, we can help you better manage your maintenance costs and enjoy better results each month. For the best option in commercial landscaping services, you need us to help you.

Other commercial property owners and business owners simply do not pay their green spaces any mind. They allow their lots to become overgrown, often until they receive a warning or even a fine from a property manager or even the city. When this happens, it can quickly turn into multiple fines, each one more expensive than the last.

By hiring us to handle your routine landscaping needs, you never have to worry about frustrating fines again. We keep all of your plants trimmed, taut, and looking great for longer. Whether you have trees growing close to power lines or you need an expert to keep your flower beds looking perky and colorful, we have everything that you need for a better-looking exterior.
Calling us 225.424.1002 may even help you save on monthly utility needs. Most business owners set their irrigation times to use far more water than they need to, driving monthly utility costs. Our team can inspect your watering system to make it work more efficiently, reducing the amount of water used. If the culprit is a malfunctioning timer or broken irrigation lines, we can help with that as well.
If you are ready for your company’s landscaping to be handled the right way, you need us to help you. Call today for your best local commercial landscaping.

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