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Commercial and Residential Landscaping Services


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We’ve been in business many years, doing new landscaping design, as well as updates and remodels all over Baton Rouge and surrounding areas.

We take pride in ANY and ALL work that we do, no matter the size of the job.

We take “blah,” grown over, weed infested, outdated landscaping and turn it into beautiful, functional, picture worthy landscaping at an affordable price to you.

Whether your landscaping is still in the design phase or 20 years old, we’d love to do the work for you and bring your landscaping dream to life.

Call us today: 225.424.1002

We’re Baton Rouge’s #1 landscaping company and we’d love and appreciate the opportunity to show you why.

Or,…………..if you find yourself running a Google search for “landscaping Baton Rouge” in the middle of the night, email works too.  Just use the form above and we’ll be in touch. 

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